Narrative Short, 2018

Bruno, a young offender from Germany, is sent to Rural Catalunya during the summer as one last chance to rehabilitate before he turns eighteen. Despite the language barrier, Bruno will meet Albert, a friendship that will change everything. Bruno's days will become endless, ignoring that sooner or later summer will finish. Bruno is a powerful coming of age film about distance, belonging and desire. Goya Awarded Francesc Colomer portrays a character filled with contradictions and anger but with an honest desire to love and be accepted.

Crew List
Director and Writer - Jordi Estape
Producer - Luke O'Donovan
DoP - Henry Gill
1st Assistant Director - Freddie Wright
Production Manager - Carles Paune
Production Designer - Lluc Lobez
1st AC - Saskia Dedman
2nd AC - Rhys Warren
Gaffer - Nela Resler
Sound - Hannah Williams
Art Assistant - Clara Agut
Art Assistant - Daniel Flamarique
Makeup Artist - Carmen Albala
Makeup Artist - Asha Broenn
Makeup Artist - Renjoia Frigola
Edit Assitant - Nicole Margetts
Composer - Mr Shad
Sound Engineer - Finn Howells
Additional Soundtrack - Jack Berry
Unit Driver - Maria Montserrat
Unit Driver - German Lobez
Additional Catering - Imma Serra
Additional Catering - Pastisseria Fidel
Additional Catering - Serra German
Translation and Coaching - Martin Shurig
Translation and Coaching - Victor Garces